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Started by pridgey, Jun 02, 2022, 05:34 AM

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Want a random NPC? Here you go you punks


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Umberlee is a pale, 16 year old, chaotic good half-elf with wavy light-blue hair extending all the way to her legs. She comes from Redwater Village on the distant isle of Varhem. She was raised by the local priests and acolytes who all claimed that she was the daughter of the mighty goddess Silvanus.

Though there is no existing proof of this fact, it is true. Umberlee is the daughter of Silvanus and a mortal elf named Stunder Amberant. Very few witnessed her birth, including Stunder himself. But word spread quickly on Varhem that a child of the gods was bestowed to them.

Umberlee spent the first 16 years of her life being raised in the high church in Redwater Village. Her childhood included exhausting religious doctrines and worship from the local townsfolk. In addition to the local praise she received at Redwater, the nearby city of Fos Tiero and its ruling Kingdom Helige Mars were obsessed with procuring her for their own unknown purposes.

Having enough of living the life they set out for her, and wanting to make her own choices, godly or not, Umberlee ran away from Redwater Village and made her way south across Varhem until she reached the town of Burried Hollow. She stowed away on the S.S. Hector, a trading ship full of Tabaxi and Firbolg, captained by Captain Efliri.

The Hector is set to sail South West towards Thlath Riah, where it will stop, trade, restock and then set sail South around the Mayon Mountain Range towards Sanimar. It is during this journey that the party is most likely to come across her.

Note: Umberlee is a god in canon DnD lore, but was modified (as was the rest of the pantheon) for my campaign. She has become a favorite among many of my players and therefore has been included as a major NPC.