Europa Universalist Game Night

Started by geekylink, Jun 01, 2022, 08:19 PM

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I'd rather just declare on my vassals




QuoteDearest Friend,

I hope you are doing well this time of year in The Commonwealth. I know that the cities are abuzz as rumors of an oncoming war with Russia looms over your head. I find it an odd decision of the state to pursue such an action. While we have no official stance, the Dutch opinion here seems to treat our relations with Russia as though they were an ally and close friend. So should such a war be declared, I have strong opinion that The Netherlands would not join. For your sake, I hope that no war should be started and if it does that a quick follow-up of white peace were determined.

Life here in The Netherlands has been joyous. There have been numerous projects around the city to improve the development of the capital and make it a world class city. Many great projects are underway and I hope to be able to travel soon to see them. The influx of cash has greatly improved the life of the average citizen. It is good to be Dutch!

I've heard that our colony, TimTams, has started yet another war with Portugal for complete control of the continent. It looks as though they will lose this one as well and frankly that's a little bit embarrassing. Speaking of colonial growth, our South American colonies have grown quite dramatically! The imperialism of South America rages on as we help claim new lands for Gekinzuku and Thunder Cats. I'm sure they will enjoy our Protestant lifestyle! Just as our newest pacific island vassal, Kauai, will.

Personally, between you and I friend, I hope that we go after those damn Austrians next. They have the Swedes helping support their cause, but I believe we would be able to show the superiority of the Dutch.

In any case, hope you are well. Write soon.
- A letter from a Dutch citizen living in 1784